Monday, January 16, 2006

New Year's letter 2006/ Belated Christmas 2005

I'm running so late with my Christmas greetings because I suffer from my fatal disease: PROCRASTINATION. It's progressive I am afraid. Already my New Year's resolutions are backed up to February 29th, 2006,...7... or 8 whenever Leap Year is. The good news is I have declared my New Year's salutations in 2006! Yea!

This is the time to think about family and friends and what they mean to us. Hold on! "I'm thinking!" Now about us...

Ruedi is enjoying driving for Mountain Home Charter Bus Company. Having watched the Andy William's show in Branson, five times now, Ruedi's rendition of "Moon River" has his family praying he'll spread his wings out and beyond... shortly. (Truthfully, he has spread his wings. Lately, he's been thinking about playing the violin!) :-)

Reflecting on my past Christmas letters, I have depicted my oldest as either pregnant or giving birth. This Christmas is a DITTO! Haley is expecting her third child! Her oldest, Gibson, is 3 years old. Haven turned 2 on the 23rd of December. The good news since Haley and Andrew have one boy and one girl, she'll have clothes for either/or on this third one. God's little gift is due in August; Andrew is picking up the pace at the Dell Company for his growing family.

My baby daughter, Annaliese, is on true love boyfriend # 3, Bret. He's truly a nice guy! His family owns horses! I've already named them in my mind: Flicker, Black Beauty, and Trigger. (However, if I see them, I'll be good and call them by their real names.) Annaliese is a Junior at Austin Peay State University. She plans to be on TV as a reporter or hostess. And she would be great! If she'd ever becomes famous, I have all those tapes when she was little and burping-ready to go!

Robin is staying with us. We're encouraging her to obtain her driver's license. Her last driver's test she flunked every point except directional signalling. The officer giving her the test returned with white knuckles, white hair and a ghostly, petrified look on his face. We've put a temporary halt to this goal. Robin sang last month in two Christmas programs and looked radiant.

For me, I am not going to say the word "diet" for having overused the word in the past. Besides no one believes any more. Thank goodness my New Year's Resolutions are far enough away that I can take a break regarding that "d" word.

Family and friends, you are in our thoughts and prayers.
May the New Year be your best yet, and may Christ be in your hearts!


Diana Chiles said...

Let me be the first one to say:

And I loved being with you and your marvelous family during this very special Christmas season.

Being able to see my lovely nieces, Haley, Annaliese, and Robin, as well as Haley's young (and indeed growing) family, Andrew, Gibson, Haven, and last but not least, Boomer, made it even more wonderful.

I hope the year of 2006 will bring us many more blessings.

I love you! Sweet Sister of Mine!

haley said...

So, is this going directly to your e-mail?

It's nice to see a new post from you.

I love you.

Cheryl Littleton said...

You always make me laugh...I love reading your blog. Your Christmas letters are always my favorite of all that I read. I hope you don't mind that I'm eavesdropping on your blog. I love knowing what you guys are up to. Tell Robin "hi" for me. I miss seeing you guys!!