Sunday, December 23, 2007

Imholz Christmas in 2007

Haven Littleton, 4 years old,
God's Christmas angel
Welcoming the New Year

Ho,Ho Ho Everyone!

Maybe an Elizabeth Taylor perfume or an outfit from Victoria Secrets....? I saw its show the other day. I thought the wings some of the models were wearing were a cute touch.

SO, as I was fine tuning my wish list, the computer died, and my dish washer sprung a major leak. My crumpled-up wish list has found its way to the waste basket.


Haley, my oldest daughter, mother of three, five years and younger, is currently not pregnant this season. She teaches dance, but it's her three children who keep her in shape. Andrew cheerfully continues to work at Dell while singing a Christmas tune about college tuitions and a mortgage pear tree.

Remember my telling you Ruedi was a bus driver last Christmas season? Ditto this one as well...
Robin, who participated so beautifully in a church Christmas program, was as equally radiant this year.
My college graduate baby daughter gave her honey, Bret, a chocolate lab, named Maddux. Bret insisted that Annaliese and he sould have joint custody. After 25 accidents in Annaliese's apartment, Maddux has been declared potty trained. They're SO proud!


My sister, Diana, landed a decent role in "The Singing Christmas Tree" at Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis, TN. Playing a bossy Italian character, Angelina, she was a FUNNY lady! There she was in her element: acting, running around the stage chasing Luegi, her "stage" brother, with a wooden spoon, e-v-e-r-y-b-i-t the professional.

Last month Ruedi and I flew to Switzerland, to visit his family in Atldorf. Ruedi turned 70 in November, and it was a fabulous family reunion. Oh his family love to cook! As we visited family members, they did not hold back. They brought out the best of the best. Of course, they run up and down mountains daily and inbetween walked to and from town. I would utter softly "yummy" and look for the closest chair.

That's what New Year Resolutions are for. soon as I move next to a mountain...

Christmas 2007 is a reminder to count my blessings, as we face 2008. My granddaughter, Haven, put all the pieces of life in perspective for me. She looked up to me and exclaimed,
" Oma, you have a big tummy." An emormous smile took hold of her face, and as her eyes sparkled, "Are you carrying a baby in your tummy?'

"No, Haven, Oma is simply full of joy, love for her family and friends, and grateful for life." (Note: albeit the Swiss cuisine may have been a small contributing factor...)

It's my Christmas wish that your tummies be full of glad tidings and most of all, God's richest blessings.


Ruedi & Charlene

Elam James Littleton,
16 months
Five years old,
Gibson Littleton,
I mean,

Buzz Light Year,

Opa leading his grandchidren into the new year with great anticipation for a prosperous 2008.
& Cousin Bernard, 4 yrs. old


Anonymous said...


great blog

an old friend

Princess Di said...

I agree with anonymous. This is a GREAT blog. And I love your "Christmas Letter".

It's nice to know that some things do stay the same. For example, my loving you ... my being proud of you ... my being grateful that I am a part of this wonderful family ... well ... as you so brillantly said, "Ditto for this year!"

Your sis,

OKeedokey said...

I'm happy you are blogging again!

OKeedokey said...

Yes, adding dad's picture was a nice touch! :)