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The Choice

June 11, 2013

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(Originally posted on Sunday, December 28, 2008)

The Choice.

God created animals; God created man. God gave man the unique ability to make a choice: a choice to love God; a choice to accept; a choice to refuse but undeniably a choice. For God to have true companions, He gave us freedom to choose.

Before sin touched the lives of Adam & Eve, we saw how they had been designed to fit together perfectly. Bodies curvaceous, strong and lean... no flabby fat for these two...only joyful love making ...tireless bodies, moving to the music of two becoming one...

Lucifer, the cast out angel by God, was livid, venomously livid. It sickened him to watch Adam and Eve singing praises to their Lord...their voices melodious in perfect harmony... full of grace and worship.

Lucifer knew the difference between the beasts of the field and Adam and Eve, God's companions. Adam and Eve loved their Heavenly Father. It was their choice.


Eve chose to disobey God; she chose to accept Lucifer's scam. Using her womanly charm, Eve convinced Adam; he chose as well. They made their choice. What Adam and Eve chose was to open Pandora's box, and, to their horror, inside lay Death. Death is the penalty for sin, in the worse, most horrid, torturous way. A total separation of God...our God who cannot look at sin...


The Prince of darkness prepared his army, as Adam and Eve fled. From the Garden of Eden to Pandora's Box, the children of God were led. As the lid closed, God's tears rained down. A choice, a done sad...

Quickly, the soldiers of darkness struck, showing no mercy. Lucifer smiled and danced his victory dance. A sibling murdered his brother: a victory dance. No sin was left untouched: Corruption, chaos, greed, once more, a victory dance! Incest, slavery, rape...Lucifer is light on his feet. Innocent children, abusive parents, no security blanket to keep the children safe...

Anxiousness and fear of abandonment and worse yet, pain...a victory dance again... Gone was the perfect union of a married man and woman. Mayhem, fornication, confused sexuality quickens Lucifer's steps. Blatant gluttony and alcoholic binges, marital affairs to add insult...desperate despair and ultimate sadness and abject loneliness while Lucifer gloats...

Hatred for fellow mankind, war, selfishness and incredible DISBELIEF...Mental illness and crippling diseases all ending in death... Encore, Lucifer, encore, more dancing please..! The woes of the people mounted, their cries "Where is God; where is our Lord?" How quick for them to forget...It wasn't He who walked away, but they, yes, on that fateful day.


God never stopped loving us. We made the decision not to trust His wisdom; we left His embrace. God never, ever abandoned us; His love stayed steadfast. His tears, his compassion never ceased. Who would pay for Lucifer's ransom? The penalty of sin was steep. Who would pay the price for God's people? The Holy Son of God, perfect and blameless and cherished by all the angels...God's only son, Jesus, left His Heavenly throne and lifted the lid of Pandora's Box. And as the lid closed, God's tears rained down.


The price for sin was paid in full. Salvation is at hand! Jesus conquered Death, and Jesus rose again. Eternal life is our choice. God stands outside our door. Will we choose to answer His knock? God's gift to us was CHOICE.

The earth remains corrupt and vile. The Prince of Darkness can claim you as his. Damnation forever is Lucifer's goal, for he holds God's children in utter contempt.
Open the door; open the door; the choice is yours to make! From the old rugged cross, the Lamb of God, the King of Kings, our Heavenly Father tenderly waits!


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