Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Name Says It All!

Who Am I?
I’m proud of my turf. I am friendly to people that visit my turf as long as they realize it’s my turf.
They are respectful to my turf because I demand them to be.
Any creature who thinks he can mark my turf, take over my turf or challenge my jurisdiction over my own turf, well, may he soon rest in peace.
I’m amicable, and I like to socialize. Don’t step on my toes, and I’ll let you keep yours.
No one attacks my family and lives.

I am an

American Bull Dog.

My name says it all.

I would perish in a heart beat to protect my family and my turf. Don’t mess with me.


1 comment:

Diana said...

Such a precious face! Schatzie is one of the most loveable dogs the world has ever known. (Of course I am prejudice, being that I am Schatzie's "Aunt".)

Schatzie is also an excellent "guard dog" ... that is until she starts wagging her tail. That gives her away every time.