Thursday, June 08, 2006

"Sing Her That Song You Sang To Me"

(A poem I wrote years and years ago as a tribute to my sister's and my mother,
Dorothy L. Chiles, 1920-2001.)
When I was in Heaven before I was born,
God saw I was lonely & oft looked fore-longed.

He looked down on earth to see what He had
And sure enough there was Mom & Dad.

"Okay, my little angel, it’s time to go.
You’re due there in spring right after the snow."

The earth was full of a very strange noise,
But this little kid darn kept her poise.

I looked into the eyes of Mom & Dad,
And I saw in his eyes something sad.

As if he would shortly say good-bye,
And take my place in the Heavens up high.

But in my mom’s eyes I saw strength & courage.
I knew she would nev’r let me be discouraged.

And just before my father went
From Heaven above a package was sent.

Bald headed, chubby, big eyes of blue,
She looked up & smiled; she was too good to be true!

And then Father left us so terribly alone,
But God sent me a message by a whispering song.

He sang low & deep enough for me to hear.
He told me that Di & I shall have nothing to fear.

“I left a mother strong & capable.
She will bring you up right as best as she’s able."

Now that Diana & I are out on our own.
I remember long ago the words of that song.

"She’ll give & give until her heart will break.
You’ll never be lonely, for She I won’t take.”

Through all the years that have passed by,
Mother has steadfastly stayed by our side.

The greatest Christmas gift that God could give
Was given to us that Mother would live.

And now I pray for a gift from above
That there will be grandchildren soon for her to love.

And, God, here is a little song to You.
All You said about Mother was all quite true.

She has shown us love more than any other.
We can proudly say she is our dear Mother.

Now keep her in health & happy too.
Never let her be lonely I pray to You.

And when the gates of Heaven welcome her above,
Make sure she knows, how much, she was loved.
(The good Lord sent three grandchildren: a brunette, 1979, a blonde,1984, and a strawberry blonde, 1985!)


OKeedokey said...

I love that poem mom.

Diana Chiles said...

Just lovely! You are such a marvelous poet! I am proud!

Bald headed and chubby, huh? Well, I almost got that bald head look back! Thanks to God's grace, it looks like He is going to let me hold on to that hair a little longer. (Thank you God!)

And thank you, Sis. Thank you for being such an awesome sister and friend. Thank you for being the ultimate cheer leader, for me . . . for all of us who are blessed to be in your family!