Sunday, October 21, 2007

My daughter is 28 years old. What happened?

Frances Haley Imholz Littleton will be 28 years old on October 24, 2007. When I was 28, I was immature, enjoying my life as a flight attendant; I was single and living with 5 other roommates in Hermosa Beach, CA. Whoa!

My daughter married a great, great guy, Andrew, when she was 20. Boomer, her pug, was her first "child" followed shortly by three children. The oldest is now five. I think she said whoa too. :-)

We have had different life styles, but through all of my mistakes I have made in my life, I have done a few things right. Ruedi and I have these unbelievable, fantastic children.

Well, of course my grandchildren are the source of my smiles, and I want them to grow up every bit as grand as my three children have. This is where I say God is wonderful. GOD IS WONDERFUL. God has blessed little ole me. ( I wish I could use the word, "little" literally.)

My youngest, a cum laude graduate, this past May, for the nonce, is dating her beau, Bret. (He's the one with the horses.) Annaliese will marry in a few years probably when I'm 82, but that's okay. I just hope it's Bret b-e-c-a-u-s-e I have adopted him in my heart......,and he has horses.

My middle child Robin is doing fabulously well at the assisted living apartments for those who need a little help. She works hard at the warehouse. The staff at the apartments make sure the clients have activities each week. They're involved in bowling and participating in the Special Olympics. Robin has a couple of gold medals in her pocket to boot. Of the three children, she dares to live in the same town, as Ma & Pa.

To see the others I must travel to Clarksville, TN, or Oklahoma City, OK. It's worth the trip. Annaliese's newest addition to her family is a chocolate lab named Maddux. So my family is growing and getting older. I'm mighty proud of them. I hope they know.

Annaliese on the left...
Haley in the center...
Robin on the right...


Aunt Di Di said...

I am so happy to know that your blog has now been ressurected from the dead!!!!!!

It's about time!!!!

(All is right with the world.)

I LOVE reading your stories!!!!!!

Keep it up!!!!!

I love you!!!!!!!!

Your loving sis,

OKeedokey said...

I agree. It's about time!

28 huh? weird.