Thursday, November 08, 2007

Blind Leading the Blind

It was all set up; nothing could possibly go wrong..............unless you are who you are.

Every month, the neighborhood ladies have a luncheon together the second Thursday. I was feeling pretty good, had gotten my hair cut. I had used some make-up my daughter, Annaliese, had given me. I was ready to go!

All I had to do was pick up Frances and be on my way. Everything was timed perfectly.

A young couple had completed building their home in the Sycamore Highlands where I live. Living with them was Holt's mom, Frances. Frances is so nice! Having to deal with Alzheimer's, she is so amazing, and we had chemistry!
Last month I went with a neighbor, Shelly, to pick up Frances because Frances doesn't drive. Today, I was picking up Frances by myself.
"No problem!"

Frances' daughter-in-law called me this morning to confirm my picking her mother-in-law up at exactly 12:00 noon. (Maggie is one of these precise people.) I said that's correct. Maggie informs me that she will be eating with the ladies today, and she'll meet Frances and me there; then Frances can return home with her.

"No problem."

At precisely Noon, I was at Frances' home; we were on our way to the ladies' luncheon at the country club by the golf course. "No problem"

We drove up to the Elk's Restaurant by the golf course. Frances said, "This looks familiar."

We walked in with a couple who had to use a key to get in. I chuckled to Frances, "One of our ladies must have a membership here." I walked up to the hostess and replied we were with the neighborhood ladies' luncheon. She picked up two menus and headed to a group of ladies in the back. The hostess said as we neared the party, "You'll be joining The Ladies' Investment Group." I said, "No, we're joining the neighborhood eat and yak, yak group."

As Frances and I left the Elk's Club, I looked at my watch. It was 12:30, and we were lost, and we definitely were no longer precise. I said to Frances that this is the only golf course I know. She said, "It did look familiar."

I said we should try the other side of the golf course. As we flew by a building, Frances said, "That looks familiar." That's First Baptist Church.

Later, she said, "This road looks familiar." I know; we've been on it twice.

I picked up my cell phone to call my husband to call Ed, a neighbor, in hopes we could be given directions. My cell phone was dead.

I stopped at two places where both people said, "We have a Country Club in Mountain Home?"

Finally told where another golf course was, we flew to 62W for Big Creek. "This looks familiar." says Frances. It doesn't look familiar to me.

We found them! Obviously, Maggie was overjoyed (relieved, a better word?) and later thanked me for having taken her mother-in-law on an impromptu tour of this fair city. And I have learned an important lesson. When the blind is leading the blind,----------- have a cell phone ready!


Aunt Di Di said...

A GREAT story! I laughed until I cried!!!!!!

Thank you soooooo much for starting to "write" again.

Your stories brighten up my day!!!

I love you!

Your sis,

OKeedokey said...

Ha Ha Ha! "That looks familiar."