Monday, October 29, 2007


My daughter, Robin, was at my home helping me take a "family friend" out of the box for Halloween. Close by were Haley's maternity clothes lying in a pile....collecting dust.

"It is SO different that my sister is not having a baby this year," Robin muses.

"Tell me about it. For years, my Christmas letters sang out Haley's pregnant or has had the baby!"

"What are you going to do about all these maternity clothes? Give them to Annaliese?" asked Robin.

"No, they'll be relics by then. She is buying a pink jacket for her puppy, though..... Naw, we can't count on it, Robin."

A light bulb clicked inside our heads.

Friends and Family! Happy Halloween from Robin and me, Ruedi and our newly pregnant Family Friend!

She looks blissful, doesn't she? :-)

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Aunt Di Di said...

Happy Halloween back at you!!!! How adorable! I love your pregnant monster! At least we are keeping the tradition of new babies in the family!

(Next year your monster mommy needs to be holding a monster baby!!!!!)

Thank you for starting your wonderful blog back again.