Saturday, February 09, 2008

Leave it to my husband, Ruedi

We held our breath looking outside our bedroom window. The oversized mucho fat perpetrator was daring once again to attack our sanctuary. Being unsuccessful to stop his uninvited presence in the past, we had become desparate avengers to decimate this desperado.

Researching defense moves to counter-act our adversary's offense, we drove to our main research center in Mountain Home, AR., WALMART.

Choosing our ultimate weapon, we put out the green bucks necessary to protect our homestead.

And we waited.

Sure enough he approched, his corpulent body confident he would score again. And, then, it happened. The newly chosen bird seed feeder closed down its gates because of this squirrel's chubby wubby weight triggered the defense system. The menancing squirrel was powerless. The bird seed was saved!

I jumped in victory; we hugged each other for this compelling success of competitive playing against a conniving opponent who had beaten us so many times before. We were the Giants, and we had won victory! Dejected, rejected, the squirrel, glancing back with a small tear in his eye, vanished.

The squirrel had been conquered, and I laughed with glee. My husband was more quiet. I assumed he was exhausted from all our previous attempts to get rid of this varmint.

Minutes later, as I walked into the family room to watch TV, I discovered my husband outside on the balcony. He was carefully pouring birdseed on the balcony's railing.


Di said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!

I love you!

Your sis,

OKeedokey said...

Ahhh, my dad is such a sweet heart!!

Cheryl said...

Yea, Ruedi!! Lyndel and I argue over this delima all the time. He tries to keep the squirrels out of the bird food.....I say "feed the squirrels, they are hungry too." Why are the birds more important?!?! Sorry, Charlene....I'm siding with Ruedi. Lyndel, however, will gladly take your take your side on this one.

Arkansas's Swiss Family Imholz said...

I think the next step is to name our new, pet squirrel. Any ideas?

OKeedokey said...

We could ask Gibson and Haven what they think. Right now Elam's new favorite word is Apple. He's been calling everything that.