Saturday, March 08, 2008

Here We Go.....Again

If you take a quick look at my blog that is titled Happy Halloween 2007, you'll read about how Haley's maternity clothes were, sadly, gathering dust at our home.
(Time and time and time again those clothes had been put to use.)
Then Robin and I came up with a brilliant suggestion of letting our "family friend" (whom we take out of the box every Halloween) wear Haley's maternity clothes. Our "family friend" looked radiant. (Check out the "family friend's" picture from the Halloween article.)
Well, Haley needs her clothes back. :-) And, yes, Haley looks "blissful", doesn't she? Andrew seems rather proud.
It's that time again........Congratulations!

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OKeedokey said...

That's cute! I don't think "blissful" is what I look like. More like, "What?" 4 kids!!