Friday, October 17, 2008

Beau Ryder Littleton and "Grandpa"

The day was sweet and sad. It was a day of new life and the passing of another. Everyone in the Littleton family and the Imholz family were thrilled about the impending arrival of Beau. As the due date came and went, all waited patiently.

Andrew's grandfather who all called "Grandpa" was a Godly man, a devoted husband and Dad. He and "Grandma" watched their great grandchildren every Tuesday. The last time I saw Grandpa was at Gibson's soccer game. I was so sick I waved at him from afar while I cough through out the whole game. I have always held him in such high esteem.

The morning of the 3rd of October, he was rushed to the Mercy Hospital by ambulance where he passed away. As the Littleton family embraced each other that morning, Haley felt pains which she attributed to the grieving that morning. Just the same, after lunch, she and Andrew returned to Mercy Hospital. Not only was Haley checked out, she was checked in being informed the baby cometh. I think she barely had time to ask about her epidermal. The answer was NO TIME!

A picture of Grandpa with Elam, now the "3rd child" of Haley and Andrew.

Bill Joe Littleton must be smiling so big in Heaven! Grandpa has passed on a wonderful legacy.

Grandpa's great grandchildren!


OKeedokey said...

good post momma!

Di said...

So sweet. Thank you for such a sensitive and touching "tribute" to Beau and to Grandpa.