Saturday, November 01, 2008

Opa and the Little Muchins

Opa met Beau; it was a match made in heaven. We think all God's angels are at the Littleton house!

Gibson, the oldest angel, is multi-tasked. Can you tell?

Although we had to leave the morning October 31st for Arkansas, we got to see the grandchildren's costumes. :-)

Okay, when they're not angels, they're Power Ranger, Ariel, a Pirate and a tiny little pumpkin.


Di said...

Beau is such a precious baby!

It is so sweet to see how much Gibson, Haven, and Elam (not to mention Opa and Oma) love this newest member of the family.

Thanks for the pictures of the kids in their costumes. Too cute for words. It brings tears to my eyes ... and causes me to remember how adorable Haley, Annaliese, and Robin were during their treat and tricking days.

I love you! Thank you so much for sharing your children - and your childrens' children - with me.

Your sis,

OKeedokey said...

Ahhh, cute post mom. You have some great expressions on everyones faces. We had a great time for such a short visit!!