Sunday, December 28, 2008


In December 2008, my pastor, Sam Bailey, gave his congregation a quote. As if this quote were a riveter that had repositioned my very bones, I saw plainly the answer to a aged old common question, "Why did God allow this to happen? "Right in my face was the answer: It was our choice.

What I wrote is reposted on February 16, 2010. The title is "Homeward Bound for Heaven...It's your Choice."

Below is the quote that caused my bones to be refastened. Pastor Bailey had told us who the author was, but I don't have the author's name.

"When man opted to disobey God,
he opted to live in an environment
that would yield death dealing circumstances."
When you have read what I wrote, your finger won't be pointing at God. Your hands will be clasped in prayer. How much does God love you? Read and find out. :-) Then contact a preacher, someone like Pastor Sam, (Twin Lakes Baptist Church at Mountain Home, Arkansas). He gets a real joy trying to fill up Heaven.


OKeedokey said...

Wow mom! I'm almost speachless. It's too good to use our regular phrase of....... "I'm impressed"

What a simple way to put it!

Di said...

What a master piece! Beautiful. I'm so proud of you. This should be published!

LOVE YOU! By the way .... HAPPY NEW YEAR!