Monday, August 24, 2009

Old Glory, how long will we have her?

I was thinking how this courageous flag has fought for my rights. Throughout its history, our flag has been engaged in battles to keep us free from the very censorship that is threatening us now. Understanding that this nation holds out a welcoming hand to all does not translate eradicating "In God We Trust" from our coins or in our pledge, "One Nation under God", our allegiance to this flag. Why are we so fearful to step on some adversarial toes who wish to down trod the virtues of our American flag?
One of our rights is the freedom of speech. Albeit verbal complaints are allowed,as it should be allowed, but this "allowance" should not dictate changing our basic American principles for these few dissidents! The foundation to our Christian nation has begun crumbling. Are we not aware?
Consider the Americans who currently live in China, do they demand Buddha statues to be removed from their presence? In Saudi Arabia, a cousin of mine who lived there for a few years, was restricted driving a car, and she was expected to follow Saudi Arabia's dress code. She did not raise her hand to challenge its culture. But look at us! What has happened? Is our nation becoming a wuss?
We are not a barbaric nation because America's governing guidelines and our principles were based on the ten commandments. The Ten Commandments should have its rightful place in our courts anywhere. What our founding fathers have created, let us not alter, for it is that creation that has made this nation grand. If we stand firm, no "Hitler to be" can harm us. No confusion of what we are can erupt or corrupt us. To all and to one, do not mess with this nation's foundation. We are a Christian nation first and foremost. For the sake of our children's children, for all creeds and all nationalities to prosper in this beloved country, our respect, our loyalty, to old Glory's heritage will keep her flying forever until the end of time.


Di said...

What a wonderful "commentary". This should be published in the newspaper or in a magazine.

OKeedokey said...

I knew this post was coming after seeing that great picture on Facebook.
Good job mom!