Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Sisters stand up for each other.

A note I wrote to my sister when she was having a tough day:

Your instructions for today...

Remember that time at church when your puppet, Bernard, and Annaliese, as a little girl, sang, "You're special. God made you that way?" Hum or sing that tune ALL day for yourself.

You are on a DIFFERENT plane than others.

You are walking on a clear plane of glass, and down below you see hypocrites, morons and the common low class mentality of people. You are genuinely first class: loving, caring, watching out for others.

Hug yourself several times and say this, "God, family and myself LOVE me. AND many, many people love you for who you are. Focus on them.

You do not need approval from short sighted mediocre, self serving nefarious fellow humans. You have God's blessings. That's all. "You're one of a kind", sister of mine.

You are worth your weight in solid gold.

I have more gold than you. :-)

Always loving my sister,


This is an imperfect world.
In Heaven, you'll be treated like a saint (because you will be a saint.) So duke it out while you are down here. God has your soul safe and sound; I have your back.

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Di said...

Wow! Your words are wise. I'm going to take your advice. Thank you for always being in my corner.

I love you more than you could ever know.

Your baby sis,