Thursday, May 27, 2010

If You Love Cats!

My sister, Diana, has a cat that she just found out has cancer of the ear drum. It would be a $1500.00 bill on his surgery, and she' s facing a choice.
This is a picture of her cat, Cassius Clay.
That reminds me of another poem I wrote way back when. I thought about my cat, and as I sometimes do, I write down my feelings, so here it goes.
This poem, written April 20, 1981, is titled


In memory of my old, grey cat,
For when she was angry
Oh how she would spat!
Quite independent she was her own boss.
Majestically her head she would toss.


Though she loved me
She would strive not to show
That behind her lioness roar
Was a kitten kind of love.
No begging, no pleading, she demanded respect.
Certainly not, was she a plain, old cat.


Oh how I loved her!
I miss her so.
I miss her growl, her courage, her purr.
Midnight, please won't you come back?
Show me that nine lives
Is a matter of fact?


Show me with those daring eyes
That you dare to live,
Oh not to die!
But alas, my old cat, you really have gone,
Gone from the homestead,
Gone from my arms.


Watch out Cat Heaven for my old cat.
She'll be a queen; I'm sure of that.
Good-bye Midnight; I loved you
Did you not know?
I wish I could have shown you
Those times before.


Later years, I shall often smile
When I think of you, full of life,
Those old angry eyes.
You were my incredibly fearless cat.
Oh yes, and, Midnight,
I can still hear that spat!
The end.

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Your Sis said...

My dear wonderful sister ... thank you ... for loving my cat ... for loving me.