Saturday, April 06, 2013

Reflecting on a Smile

"If I ever become crazy; if I ever lose contact with reality; if I ever turn against you because my brain cells are becoming abnormal, please remember that once upon a time I loved you, but senility took its toll, and it made me different. Then remember way back when I smiled at you, and you had smiled at me, I hold that smile, forever, tucked deep inside of me."

Reflecting on my mother and my grandmother a thought or two occurred. Both of them became senile.  Would I someday too? 

I wonder if they knew what was happening to them. I wonder if they worried about their minds. I wonder when my turn may be, would I worry too?

 Whenever my mother looks down from Heaven's gates, I can feel her radiant smile.
 I send my mother and my grandmother a smiling heart. Looking up, have they caught it?
Back on life's journey I tread...reflecting and remembering. I pause; I wonder, and slowly
I smile.

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Diana Chiles said...

For one who has walked this road with you ... watching our beautiful grandmother and our darling mother "change" and enter the dark and confusing world of senility ... I HEAR you. And I am TOUCHED by your words. Charlene, I PROMISE you that no matter what ... even if you become senile as a bat ... I will walk this road with you every step of the way. (That is unless I get senile too ... and then ??????) At least we know that God will be also be there with us.