Sunday, April 07, 2013

Another Sunrise

Every day starts afresh.
Every day begins anew.
God has given me another sunrise.
Dawn begins to peek through.
Another chance to do all right,
To be what I need to be.
Another chance, oh Lord, please keep guiding me.
Thank you, God, that I’m your child.
Secure, for your arms surround me.
Your comfort and Your love, all the while
My cares...You are keeping,
And my struggles now gone.
When Your sunset is setting,
If I have stumbled once more.
Thank you, Lord, another sunrise,
You have given. 

1 comment:

Diana Chiles said...

Oh Charlene! This is beautiful. I am so glad to see you writing poetry again. Your Grandmother would be proud. Heaven knows that I am.
Your lovely sis,