Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I said to the Lord, "Lord, I need to start exercising, but my get up and go has gotten up and went. My soul is willing, but this whittle body is on hiatus. Help me." And He did.
He did all right. Driving on the gravel road from George's Cove, He zapped that left front tire flatter than a pancake. All righty, uh, thanks...., I think! At dusk, Robin and I locked the doors to Daisy Mae, our Suburban, and as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, we stepped on to the yellow brick road to complete our journey....up, up, up hill....to our home.
With us were our dogs, Moses and Charlie. We had no leashes, so we used bungy cords. Why? Because our dogs are untrained, wild animals; our Moses, the Labrador, weighing in at 97 pounds, flunked obedience school twice. He assumes one position: CHARGE! It doesn't matter that his collar is pulled back to his tail bone, and his air passage is blocked. He's dragging my body as if I were a little powder puff. (Yea, I wish.) Robin handled Charlie, our Heinz 57 breed. And it wasn't bad! It took an hour. It could have taken longer, but, remember, we were in the CHARGE position.
Could we have changed the tire? No, the spare was on the right rear tire, having taken the place of a tire that had exploded on the interstate when I was traveling to Memphis a few weeks back. No walk was involved on that one, just me and the chiggers waiting patiently on the side of the interstate for four hours.
The good news is that Daisy Mae was rescued by Ruedi this evening on the 12th, after working a 15 hour shift. What has this self proclaimed procrastinator learned as a valuable lesson, family and friends?
Be cautious what you pray for, and wear tennis shoes. :-) THE END


Diana Chiles said...

Ha Ha Ha! I can see it now!

Your sis,

OKeedokey said...

I would never call you "not bright" that starts with an 's'. I usually just go with procrastinator. :)
I'm glad you got a good workout.