Monday, October 03, 2005

Mr. And Mrs. Imholz, yours truly...

The phone rings, and it's one of my daughters. I'm hungry for all information updating what's been happening in her life. We talk about five minutes when our conversation is shattered by this deep voice from across the room. Ruedi has no idea what Mom and her baby child's (adult that she may actually be) subject matter is; he commences to shout out off the cuff remarks. He offers advice, his opinion and his funny one liners. Remind you, he has no idea the topic of the conversation. Consequently, I and my adult child are saying, "Huh?"
Finally, it dawned on me why we are having so many of these episodes. My husband is really wishing to hear this line. " She's asking to speak to you, dear." I tried that today, and, my goodness, it worked! Once he has had his turn on the telephone, the three way conversation ceases, and I can focus on the topic at hand. So, dear family, when you call, and you hear this deep voice vibrating close by, please ask to speak to it. ( I don't mind taking the second turn.) Thanks, sweeties!


OKeedokey said...

It's so true!
I don't mind the 3-way conversations though.

Diana Chiles said...

Hello??? I said Hello???? Who is this???? What????? I can't understand you. Okay, may I please speak to my wonderful handsome marvelous adorable brother-in-law????

Is that right???

Your sis,